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281, Rose et Or, Blanc et Or, Rouge et Or : The four signature wines

The iconic wine

Château Minuty 281

281 - the Pantone reference number for the royal blue color, which elegantly cascades down the bottle. An exceptional cuvée characterized by the small quantities produced. Cultivated from a clonal selection of 25 year-old Grenache vines and influenced by Château Minuty’s proximity to the sea, these wines are the quintessence of Provence.

This pale rosé with translucent reflections offers an intense and complex nose. The fineness of white fruit aromas is disclosed through iodine notes, giving it a unique character. The Palate boasts great intensity with a mineral structure.


The signature wines

Château Minuty Or

In less than a decade, the “Or” range has become a key figure in Château Minuty’s product line-up. Resulting from meticulous plot selection, the authenticity and instant enjoyment evoked by these cuvées truly set them apart.
Looking to create a selection of wines that would reflect their image and embody their generation, Jean-Etienne and François Matton have, over the years, patiently developed a trilogy of colors. The Or range began with “Blanc et Or”, an atypical white wine that blends Viognier, a grape variety regularly used in the region, with a far less used variety, Sauvignon Blanc.


Blanc et Or



Rose et Or



Rouge et Or