The Branded wines

M de Minuty Blanc

Following in the footsteps of the Estate’s other white wines, its golden hue signals a beautiful minerality. Its pleasant finish with tangy notes of lime and grapefruit linger on the palate.


Grapes varieties used

Sémillon, Rolle, Ugni-blanc

Soil / Climate

Sourced from a rigorous selection of the best “Côtes de Provence” vineyards.


Direct crushing, meticulous settling and low-temperature fermentation.

Tasting notes

Colour: Light and limpid
Nose: Mineral notes with a hint of white fruit.
Palate: Soft and silky, enlivened by a lingering finish of white-fleshed fruit.

Food and wine pairing

Goat’s cheese, fish or white meat with cream or mushroom sauce, asparagus with cream sauce.