Château Minuty


Château Minuty is one of the foremost winemakers in the Côtes de Provence region, producing high quality rosé wines.
The combination of an historical savoir-faire and advanced technology ensures the wine’s continued quality.


Minuty wines begin with the vines in a protected environment

Minuty puts a great importance on enriching its soil through the use of natural manure, rich in organic matter, originating from local goats and sheep. Working the soil allows the micro-organisms present in the earth to breathe, enables better penetration of rain water and facilitates root submersion from the early years of growth, allowing the necessary nutrients and water from the sub-soil to be procured. The vines are harvested in an ecologically sustainable environment without weed killers or pesticides. A Protected Woodland Area surrounds the vineyards, guaranteeing a unique and high quality ecosystem.

Vinification and aging: Scrupulously respecting the terroir and the vinification process

Château Minuty is one of the last estates in the Côtes de Provence region whose harvest is entirely hand picked, ensuring that the grapes arrive at the cellars in perfect condition, thus limiting the extraction of plant matter in the must. 

The grapes arrive intact before going to the de-stemmer to remove their stalks. After a gentle crushing, the grapes are immediately cooled to a very low temperature and inert gases are injected to prevent oxidation, an occurrence that could cause an irreversible loss of flavor and structure. Juices then go through cutting-edge pneumatic presses where they are first carefully drained, then pressed at low pressure allowing their full expression to be extracted.

After a long, low temperature fermentation enabling the wine to reach its full aromatic potential and finesse, it is racked then gradually decanted over winter. 

Next the blending period begins in which the characteristics of the vintage and the varietals are paired together to produce Minuty’s various wines.


In an ever-greater concern for precision and quality improvement, our vinification is becoming more and more parcel based. Combining the expression of our terroir with the know-how of our winery is our ongoing goal.


Minuty’s signature character is found in every bottle produced, thanks to a bottling line equipped with cutting-edge technology that safeguards our wine in the best way possible from oxidation.

Even though rosé wines represent 85% of our production, the reds are not by any means forgotten. After parcel selection and a green harvest, our red wines undergo long barrel aging for one year. During this time tannins will soften, structural properties will intensify and finesse will develop. The choice of wood origin and toasting intensity will give our cuvees a particular expression and character.

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