Château Minuty

An exceptional winery neighboring Saint-Tropez

On the Saint-Tropez peninsula, the Château Minuty vineyard puts southern grape varietals on center stage.

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A remarkable domain on the breathtaking Saint-Tropez peninsula

Overlooking the iconic Bay of St Tropez, the Château Minuty winery is remarkably well situated on the hillsides of the villages of Gassin and Ramatuelle and the vines benefit from a temperate, maritime climate. 


Château Minuty is surrounded by 60 hectares of continuous vineyards on CALCAREOUS, SCHISTED soil, with AN ADDITIONAL 80 hectares on LIMESTONE soil in VIDAUBAN and a further 20 hectAres on the HILLSIDES of ValdeRian in Ramatuelle THAT BOAST A magnificent view of the Bay of Pampelonne.

The vines benefit from very deep soil that are used predominately for Grenache. Particular attention is paid to site-specific planting - each varietal is skillfully planted on the most appropriate part of the Estate allowing it to reach its full potential. The parcels around the Château are planted with Grenache a varietal that prospers in this deep, almost stone free ground. The south-facing parcels, favored by generous sunshine, are dedicated to the red wine varietals Syrah and Mourvèdre. The rockier, calcareous hillsides are conducive to a more mineral based expression and are therefore planted with Rolle.

Being southeast facing, the vineyard is directly influenced by the nearby Mediterranean Sea. The wines therefore offer a subtle character brought about by the sea air. The sea breezes dry the vines after morning dew or rain and contribute directly to reducing the risk of disease.

Southern grape varietals in the limelight

Minuty’s great rosés are produced mainly from Grenache, known as the “king of rosés”, and Tibouren, the emblematic varietal of the Saint-Tropez peninsula, used to keep local character in the wines. The white wines are produced mainly from Rolle, which has been grown for many generations in the Var. As for the reds, they are produced from Syrah and Mourvèdre, the grape varietal that flourishes in the schist soils found along the Mediterranean coast.