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Minuty by Ashley Mary - A unique artistic collaboration

A bottle of Minuty is more than a simple bottle of wine. It's an invitation to experience Provence, to feel the sun and immerse oneself in the atmosphere of a unique region. But Minuty wines also adore traveling…


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To commemorate its international presence, Minuty has embarked upon an artistic world tour celebrating a lifestyle that feels like an eternal holiday!

To begin this journey, Minuty has chosen to launch a limited edition bottle in collaboration with the American artist Ashley Mary. With her pop, fresh and bright universe, she delivers her own interpretation of the Minuty lifestyle.

Her Interpretation of the Minuty lifestyle is transmitted through her fresh, bright, pop style universe. With a palette knife in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other, Ashley Mary fits colors and shapes together like the pieces of a puzzle. Her work is a constant exploration
full of delightful happenstances, cheerful designs and positive energy that she hopes to spread across the world.

On a visit to Minuty last summer, Ashley Mary was truly immersed in the French Riviera lifestyle with a tour of the domain and stops at Saint - Tropez, Club 55, Sénéquier, Nikki Beach…

Ashley Mary’s design for the limited edition of Minuty’s M bottle is like a story of Saint - Tropez: the landscape, the architecture, the seaside and beaches, the iconic bell tower, and of course, the Minuty vineyard!

An iconic figure of Provence, M Rosé is elaborated in true Minuty style, combining freshness with great fruit extract and intense flavors. Modern, pleasurable and ideal for extending that holiday feeling, it is the perfect wine to share with friends or family.