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Minuty and Romin Favre, the fresh and rosé collaboration!

Romin Favre, photographer talks about his collab 'with Minuty in a fresh interview. Meeting with a colourful passionate!

Collaboration’s bottle between Minuty and Romin Favre

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Colourful, fresh, pink, pastel ... This is how Romin Favre, photographer, describes his world. Inspirations that perfectly match Minuty’s vision, hence the start of a collaboration between the wine house and the artist. After having visited the domain with its owner François Matton, Romin got back to Paris and started his creations. A meeting with a passionate and colourful figure.

You are anything but a beginner in the spirits sector, what do you like about working with that kind of products?

What I like the most is the wide artistic license granted by the clients. Being able to do more than simply putting a pretty bottle on a pretty table and showcase the product. I love having fun, to create, and to bring out the brand’s fun and playful side.

That's what happened for this photo shoot?

Absolutely! That's exactly what we did by animating ice cubes, for example. I appreciate the frivolity, the fun and colourful elements. It is fascinating to graphically transcribe a brand. The 281 has this artistic side, with the drop, that allows this type of approach.

«Minuty is almost the only rosé brand that people can quote»

«Minuty is almost the only rosé brand that people can quote» 

Romin Favre, photographer of Minuty

What motivated you to work with Minuty?

It is the only rosé with a renowned name, a real aura, and that people can quote. What's great with an established brand like Minuty is to be able to work on its image and artistic side. Exactly what we did with this photo shoot!

Collaboration’s rosé bottle between Minuty and Romin Favre

If we mention the French Riviera, what does it evoke for you?

Fresh and modern colours. This pleasurable and sunny side, that makes you feel great. The Riviera flourishes in the light, between the sun and the shade of the palm trees.

And what about Saint-Tropez?

I know the region by heart! My grandmother lives in Saint-Tropez. I spent my childhood there, all my holidays, and I regularly come back. As such, I know the city very well...and the rosé too! By the way, we incorporated Saint-Tropez’s bell tower in our photo shoot.

Collaboration’s rosé glass between Minuty et Romin Favre

For you, Château Minuty means...

Summer! I admit having started drinking rosé again since our last meeting...

One last word: to you, what is a good photo?

A good photo is one that catches people in the moment!


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