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Estate wines Branded wines

The “Or” range: the Signature Wines

Jean-Etienne and François Matton have taken time to create a range that embodies their generation. First, they sought to create an atypical white wine, patiently and painstakingly, that would be the pioneer of the range, mixing a typical grape varietal from the region, Viognier, with another far less used varietal here, Sauvignon Blanc. In the space of ten years both the red and rosé joined this range, extremely refined and elegant.

The Range « 281 » : the wine with a unique character

A new exceptional vintage which celebrates the maturity of a plots selection from the estate. Coming from vines aged between 25 years, the 281 boasts a color of pale rose with crystal reflections. Very intense with a great complexity, the finesse of white fruits is revealed by iodine notes giving it a unique character.